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Any idea where I can get the good wine? I'm new in jakarta.. Living 15 mints to Mangga Dua.. I have no idea where i can buy Wine ...any one can help me?

Welcome to Jakarta, Hunnyjune! There's lots of places where you can drink/buy wines. Try Vin+ in Tribeca, Central Park. There're also a few good ones in Plaza Indonesia and the surrounding malls in Kemang.

How about Australian red wine-- any suggestion?

considering there're lots of Aussies living/working in the Jak, I believe it's quite easy to find Oz wines in those designated areas such as Vin+ (they keep an excellent assortment!)

but again, what do i know, rite? I'm a beer guy!! lol ...

Be careful and only buy from major shops.
Way to many people selling very dangerous fake booze to risk getting it from small places you don't know.
By "dangerous", I mean, DEAD.

Vin+ is also located in Arcadia Building Senayan and on Kemang Raya.

There is no way in this world I would call someone who claims a lot but only gives a mobile number.
Is this legal in Indonesia?

Just as a note.
Their website has BB pin and a mobile phone number but no address or anything to suggest this is a legal business.

Of course, they may be fine but I would suggest people buy from somewhere they can see the stuff is real and you know is a legal business.

Perhaps the OP can say PT what?  and  post his full contact details so we can be sure he's telling the truth.

I also notice he's banned from at least one other expat forum.

As I mentioned before.
Buying wine in Indonesia can be a dodgy business, so always stick to the known outlets, that's restricted to big shops or big chains.
The strict licencing laws in this country mean there is only a small chance of some dude with a telephone number but no office or shop, being legal, or the wine not being something cooked up in a bathtub.

The poster has been banned from another Indonesian expat forum, and wants Rp100 million to complete a project for the Indonesian government.
He also supplies plastic piping, when he isn't selling ebony wood furniture.

People working as agents for a number of companies is common here, but there's no way I would even think about buying wine, or any other food, from them.
As for other products, they tend to increase the price in order to make a profit. This is because they're just casual workers, not actually working for the company, so they have to buy at retail.

Are you chasing away scammers again, Fred?

HaileyinHongKong :

Are you chasing away scammers again, Fred?

Good point.
My above posts look a little silly as one of the mod team has deleted the posts they refer to.
Basically, a poster arrived, offered a bunch of dodgy and/or illegal services, so I posted replies, suggesting others take care with such offers.
Seems both of these posters were megabanned to the point all their posts went with them.

Carrefour at ITC Ambassador, The offy next to Kemp chick at Kemang, The food hall at Citos, Carrefour Pluit so I am told, Vin+ whereever you find one all have a great range of imported wines and whilst a little pricey its still nice to have. In Bali should you have contacts, try the food hall or whatever it is called under the Matahari in Kuta Square they have a great selection of wine and a good prices as well.

Theres a lot of outlet, for wines and spirit as what Fred said Legal booze if you dont want to get the knock of one or the one that dont pay the duty and tax, that's if you dont want to go to bar or club.
Wide range of wine can be found in Indonesia, from France, italy, south africa, chile, australia, new zealand, argentina, spain, portugal and others.
But dont get shock for the prices, because these legal alcoholic beverage pays the duty and tax.
But different importers and store will have different brands :)

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