looking for molasses in Indonesia

Hello, I've been in Indonesia for 10 days and have so many questions, but I will start with the most important for me. I need to know where I can buy molasses. I have looked at a few stores nearby and can't find any. Does anyone know where I can possibly buy it?

Also, I am interested in buying a used bike. I don't want to spend the money yet on a new one in case I don't use it often. Does anyone know where I can purchase one?



Molasses try ranch market or food hall. For used bikes they are everywhere. My advice is buy a matic and have an Indonesian go with you but beware. They see you the price will increase. Make sure the person who goes with you knows bikes. If the plate number is less than 15 then the price needs to be less and also for the stnk depending on how many months left on it as well. You must also get a sim c if you plan to ride in the city otherwise if you are stopped by the police you may find the bike impounded.
Finally if you get a bike before you set off down gatot subroto or somewhere full of madness learn how to ride it and take your time with it. Then do all you can never to ride across traffic, don't weave and keep your wits about you.

Good luck with the riding and hopefully you won't be stuck finding molasses.

Thank you Luke (is it Luke?) I will look up the two food stores on the internet to locate them and check on the molasses. (fingers crossed) About the bike, I wasn't referring to a motor bike, but a bicycle. Sorry for the lack of clarity. I might in the future be interested in a motorbike, but for now, I only want to venture out on a peddle bike. By the way Luke, where are you from, if you don't mind me asking? It sounds like you have been in Indonesia for a while. My husband and I are finding taking taking a taxi everywhere to be quite expensive, but of course we are not able to drive yet. Being able to go somewhere besides a taxi might be kind of nice; even if it might only be in our housing compound. We are also interested in taking a weekend Bahasa language class. We aren't really interested in one on one lessons, but more of a class setting. Do you know of anything offered around the BDS area?

Hi Jane, if you mean BSD then Mas Fred is the man to ask. Taxis from there to the city are not cheap that's for sure. As for push bikes (yep I am English) buy new. Easier and better carrefour or hypermart or the local store will do you.

If you are working with Indonesians there will always be someone willing to help you if you help them with English. Just need to ask about.

I have been in Jakarta for the last 7 years and love it here. The mess, noise, chaos, weather, people and everything else is just so much more intruiging fun and enjoyable than compared to how life was for me back on England. What are you and your husband doing in Indonesia?

Thanks Luke,

I'm an educator here and my husband is hoping to get a work visa, but for now he's on a tourist visa supporting me. We are loving the BSD area, and can't wait to visit the city and see more of Indonesia. So far, we have just been busy mostly settling in and doing domestic things.


Used bikes are all over the place, including several shops around BSD.
Don't expect any sort of guarantee, even from a shop, because you won't get one.
If you buy, make sure the bike has:
An STNK (police registration certificate)
A small book with a police logo that is the effective ownership document for the bike.
A receipt from the seller with a materai (legalisation stamp) over the signature.
A photocopy of the owner's KTP

Depends on the bike, age and general condition, but 6 to 8 million should get you something pretty good.
A new machine will cost 12 million or so, but buy direct from Honda.
Used bikes aren't commonly serviced as they save money on things like oil by not changing it.
Taxing a used bike can also be interesting. They may ask for the KTP (ID card) of the previous owner, and/or ask you to change the number plates. That'll cost you about a million, so factor that into the price of the bike.

You'll also need to do a test and get a SIM C.
See your PM for the way to do that the actual way, not the rubbish you're supposed to do.

Driving on Indonesian roads is an art form that requires extreme care, expecting someone to do something even dafter than the suicidal fool that did the last really stupid thing, and evolving eyes in your arse.
The latter should take about 6 million years but you need them the first day out if you wish to live.

Taxis in BSD.
Don't try to order a Taxiku - they have never managed to turn up when I've ordered one. I've used them several times 'off the street' and they've been fine.
Download the blue bird android app. Works a treat.

The big Giant is about the best for supermarket shopping.
The small Giant is handy if you live near Melati mas.
That French place I can't spell is in ITC, but I rarely go as I don't like it much.
The tech floor of ITC is good, but the buggers always try for stupid prices, so I don't use it. I get sick of telling them to sod off and trying to find a stall with a reasonable price.
Cinema 21 is in BSD plaza. Nice place and you can check the films using their android app. The plaza is small, but handy for electronic bits and bobs (Glodok electronics is really handy).
21 do a nice sweet and sour chicken.

Rats - just seen the bit about the pushbike.
Loads of bike shops.
For non or mildly serious, buy one in Giant. Get something with suspension or your bum will turn into something a baboon would be envious of.
The serious should be at a real bike shop. There are several in BSD, but I would suggest you check prices first, then go and see the guy at the gas pipe mountain bike trail.
To get there, go to the police station, turn left and follow the road to Bintaro until you see it.
Ask for, Toko sepeda, jalur pipa gas Serpong.

Teachers hang out in the Royal oak pub, just up from ITC plaza.
Essential place for networking.
If hubby is qualified, fair chance he'll find something from there, or at least meet some nice people.
If you're on a KITAS with work permit, he should be able to go to immigration Tangerang and get a KITAS.
He can't work on that, but it'll save all the messing around doing visa tuns.
Wander up, go upstairs and start the process. He'll need you with him, and all the paperwork you can think of, including marriage certificate.
That will cost about Rp1 million, including taxis.


Edit. The pub has closed down. … 573#527221

Hi Jane
it's been a while since your post but I was wondering if you were able to find molasses in Jakarta. I have been looking for them at KemChics in Pacific Place and some Food Hall outlets but in vain.
It would be great if you could let me know where you have found them. Thanks!!

Hi Dear,

Molasses can be found in West Jakarta, you can also buy online at: … 10799.aspx
complete address : Toko Putra Sukses
Jl. Jelambar Barat III No. 43-L Rt 001 Rw: 010 West Jakarta, Jakarta - Indonesia

click on the website you request a quote "Minta Penawaran" , enter your name, email and your telephone.

Have a good time.


Complete address : … ng-molase/

Hi  Zanzio
Thank you so much for the information.

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