Needed: Native Speaker for Intensive English Course

Hi there,

IEC stands for Intensive English Course. It is one of the largest English training institutions in Indonesia, established in 1968 with 67 centers located mostly in major cities.

We are looking for native speaker teachers (either full time or part time) who are certified to teach ESL in class.

We are also looking for native speaker models (either full time or part time) and in this case, certification is not required. The main task for the native speaker model is to have open conversation with the students in the class as way for them to practice their spoken English to a native speaker.

For both positions, you must have a passion for teaching and interacting with the students. Besides monetary benefits, if you prefer, we can also offer you a chance to see more of Indonesia by traveling to many of our branches.

For more details of our teaching programs, please visit IEC website at Please let me know if you are interested. I can be contacted by e-mail at iecpusat[at]


if you still needing, i can let you know a native speaker from UK, he is my english lecturer at my university :)

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