cheapest medical universities for international students Indonesia

Hi i looking for some information about studying in Indonesia for a international medical student

Have you looked on Google to start with?

Can you speak indonesian? Do you have the right qualifications to start with?

My clue - search for UNTAR Jakarta

tnx bro i am a qualified Doctor i am just curious about Specialization in surgery so i try to find on google but it didnt help so i thought may be some local or expat from Indonesia can guide me i knw some Indonesian word. In Pakistan Specialization is very expansive. i try the web address u send me but i cant signup but tnx for your kind help

To study in Indonesia, unless it's international class, u definitely need to master Bahasa Indonesia. Especially if u want to take advance class, low level bahasa proficiency is unacceptable considering you're going to need to write papers/reports, interact with local patients etc.

As for stydying medicine (spcialization), i reccomend Universitas Gajah Mada ( in Jogja and Universitas Indonesia in jakarta/depok (, Both are very good (highly competitive tho) and have more international students including in the school of medicine. Check their website and go to the link for international office. Other reccomendation include universitas brawijaya in malang, universitas andalas in padang, USU in medan.

Medical school is expensive here to, more so for advance degree. I dont know which one will be more expensive, pakistan or indonesia. May I ask what specialization you want to study?

i'm indonesian but currently living in manila. i have some indonesian friends studied in medical school here. when i asked why, cause it's way cheaper to study in manila. i didn't study in medical school but i know some school will cost you like more than $11,000/semester while here in manila, it's like $1,000/semester. so maybe you can consider to look for medical schools in manila. :)

I did study in Indonesia as a foreign postgraduate student.. If you are interested to do a Master in Public Health then I do suggest you to apply for KNB Scholarship offered by Government of Indonesia to foreigners interested in studying at an Indonesian university. KNB Scholarship will cover Tuition Fee, your air ticket and a modest living allowance per month. Applications are open right now till 30 April 2018. And you have to arrive by September 2018 to join the program. Check their website for detailed information ..

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