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Wondering how to keep yourself busy in Lima? Find out, in this article, what are the available leisure activities in Lima.

If you have settled in Lima, you will probably wonder how to keep yourself busy during your free time. The Peruvian capital city is very likely to surprise you thanks to its huge cultural heritage. Indeed, it hosts several places of interest that you can discover during your stay. You will also be able to enjoy several world famous cultural festivals, and why not taste the unique flavors of the local cuisine.


Lima wouldn't have been what it is today without its numerous restaurants which are famous in international guides. Indeed, you are likely to enjoy the local cuisine at its best including specialties made with potato, anticuchos, suspiros and even delicious ceviche.

Have a drink

Lima's different neighborhoods also hosts several coffee shops and bars where you can hand out with your friends or family and have a drink. Miraflores, San Isidro, Plaza San Martin and Barranco, for instance, are the most ideal places to have a beer or a Pisco Sour which is a local cocktail.


Every year, the International Cajon Festival is geld at the Place d'Armes of Lima. Musicians get together in the city-center so as to share their positive vibes to the maximum with tourists and locals.

The Ayacuchano Carnival, for its part, is held each February. It is a traditional festival hosted by the popular Rimac neighborhood. Once celebrations are over, the festival continues with Andean dance.

You will also find a few night clubs in Lima, namely in Barranco and Miraflores which are deemed to be the city's most vibrant neighborhoods.


The Peruvian capital city is divided into 43 districts. Each of these districts hosts at least one place of interest which you have to discover at all costs. Indeed, you can walk along the Punta to breathe in some fresh air, wander around the numerous local markets, and contemplate a beautiful sunset at the Maria Reiche Park. Why not visit the San Francisco catacombs, the St. Francis of Assisi's convent, take pictures of the Plaza San Martin, etc? In fact, there is so much to see in Lima that a single day won't be enough.


Lima also hosts some of Peru's most beautiful museums, including art museums. The following are the most popular museums: the National Museum, the Natural History Museum, the National Archeology, Anthropology and History Museum.

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