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Christchurch is the capital city of the province of Canterbury in New Zealand, sometimes referred to as a British city thanks to the number of UK expats. The city has been in a transition period for awhile, but it is really getting back on its feet. Because many people left after earthquake destruction over half a decade ago, New Zealand has relied on an influx of foreign workers to rebuild. As a result, expats will likely not have too much difficulty finding a job in Christchurch.

Economy of  Christchurch

Christchurch and the surrounding area’s economy is very agricultural based and incredibly important for the New Zealand export market. The area is a leading dairy, mutton, and wool producer. It is home to many deer and cattle farms for meat production, as well. This region also generates numerous food, drink, and tobacco products – huge plots of land are dedicated to tobacco, wheat, olives, and grapes for wine. Christchurch was responsible for NZ$19.3billion of the total national GDP last year, which was 8.4% of the country’s total. Unemployment rates are fairly low at 4%, and salaries are good, with the average job advertisement offering NZ$72,000 on Seek.

Construction and engineering have been the two major professional fields in demand since the natural disaster occurred in the city, and foreign workers in these occupations have found work easily within Christchurch because there are not enough Kiwis for the amount of jobs on offer. Real estate and property are also large job markets, as well as healthcare workers. Information technology and communications are growing fields in Christchurch, and it is home to many companies that specialise in the production of radios, mobile phone, and other electronic parts.

Tourism is also one of the city's major economic pillars, with the international airport, hotels, restaurants and city tours all requiring many workers. Christchurch’s proximity to wildlife, the coast, and the mountains helps to boost this and keep it a popular base for visitors.

Find a job

Skilled migrants have a good chance of finding work in the Christchurch area, especially if you are experienced in the construction or engineering fields. Jobs in Christchurch tend to be more vocational based than some of the bigger, more international cities, but that’s not to say you won’t find a job offer in your field there as it is still a major city with many companies. It is worth looking at online job posting sites to see what is being offered, as well as researching and contacting potential employers directly.

Working holiday visa holders will find plenty of short-term tourism, hospitality, and service work in and around the Canterbury area. Hostels, notices, and word-of-mouth are good ways of finding these opportunities.

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