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Located in the Waikato region, just over 100 kilometres from Auckland, Hamilton is a city on the rise. It is the fourth largest city in the country with nearly 160,000 inhabitants, and more coming in every day thanks to educational and economic opportunities. With a diverse and growing economy, Hamilton is at the heart of a rich agricultural and pastoral area with a large dairy industry, and a number of science research facilities. This area of New Zealand is very open to welcoming new residents from all cultures and backgrounds.

A significant resident academic population is thanks to the two main educational institutes, the University of Waikato and the Waikato Institute of Technology (Wintec).

Hamilton's economy

With ample natural resources, Hamilton and its surrounds are involved in all of New Zealand’s primary industries:

  • It is a major mining area for coal, iron sand, and aggregates
  • It is a huge agricultural area, and hosts the country’s largest annual agriculture Field Days event
  • It provides energy to the country with important electricity infrastructure, wind turbines, and thermal generators

The Waikato region has excellent road, air, and rail freight connections that help these endeavours, as well as the importing and exporting for the country, run quickly and smoothly. This all helps Waikato to contribute a whopping 8.5% to the national GDP, or NZ$17.9 billion.

Hamilton is also a research and higher education hub, attracting students and academics to the area to contribute to the economy. Healthcare and retail also provide many jobs to the area. It has been attracting people away from Auckland recently, so the property and construction sectors have made major gains. Even with this boom, housing is still relatively affordably, allowing you to live comfortably on the region’s median income of NZ$53,420.00. The unemployment rate hovers around 5%, depending on seasonal work.

Find a job

Many of Hamilton’s job markets are a bit more specialised, but this can be very helpful when trying to move from abroad as it means they need candidates with specific skills and knowledge. Research the major companies of Hamilton and Waikato and get in touch. The universities are also a good place to start when looking for work, as well as networking events. Online listings, newspapers, and word-of-mouth can all assist you.

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