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Looking forward to perform an internship in Poland? How to proceed to find opportunities? Find out in this article.

Poland is rather open towards expatriates, whether they intend to work, study or perform an internship in the country. In general, finding an internship in Poland can be a difficult task, unless you turn towards competent agencies and authorities which can provide you with assistance and advice.

The country's business-friendly environment has attracted many foreign and multinational companies over the years. Along with local and national companies, these also provide many internship opportunities, especially in the fields of culture and sports. Note that you stand more chances if you have a good command of English and if you understand Polish.


You are advised to plan your move to Poland well in advance. Indeed, foreign trainees generally require a visa to perform an internship in the country. So you better inquire on the visa conditions and requirements before proceeding as this should be in accordance with the duration of your stay so that you are eligible to the work or resident permit.

Find internship

There are various ways to look for internship in Poland. You may start by browsing offers on the Internet or by inquiring with Pole universities' career departments. In case your internship is not related to your field of studies, feel free to send spontaneous job applications to companies operating across the country as well. You can also choose from several agencies and internship and voluntary programs.

Note, however, that the internship concept is not yet widespread in Poland. Therefore, companies usually tend to seek the help of local universities to find manpower.


Internships in Poland are remunerated according to an agreement between the company and the trainee. Most universities' career departments may also suggest accommodation. However, relating costs will be your responsibility.

On the other hand, trainees are required to contribute to the Social Security fund during their internship. Holders of the European health care should have no trouble in filling these formalities. Nationals of non-European countries, for their part, will have to fill in several requirements before being eligible to Social Security in case of hospital admission or other treatments.

You will have more information on these procedures with the company's Human Resource department upon signing the internship agreement.

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