About Dominica

Dominica is an island situated between the Caribbean Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean. Famed for its beautiful and natural terrain, the island has tropical rainforests, beaches, forests and volcanic mountains.

Temperatures during the winter are between 21°C and 28°C, and during the summer are around 30°C. The permanent residents of Dominica should be aware that the country is at risk of flash floods, and in the late summer months, there is a possibility of strong hurricanes.

Dominica was once colonised by both France and Great Britain, who brought slaves from Africa. This added to the native Caribs traditions, creating the melting pot of culture that Dominica holds proudly today. The island's carnivals are a great example of this mix, with calypso, reggae, and local traditional music providing the soundtrack for brightly costumed street dancers. Music and dancing hold great cultural importance in Dominica, particularly obvious in the capital city of Roseau, where you’ll hear reggae music coming from cafés, bars, and shops.

Expats in Dominica will fall in love with its unspoilt nature. From diving to hiking and everything in between, expats will find a paradise on Earth offering endless adventures on volcanic peaks, in natural pools, and with the company of endemic species.

The economy of Dominica has struggled due to recessions and susceptibility to natural disasters, but it is steadily recovering. Once reliant on its banana trade, Dominica has become a popular tourist destination, and the government continues to make efforts to increase this sector.