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Hello everyone!

My name is gwendominica.  I have lived on the Nature Island for over 15 years.  It has been quite an adventure.  Perhaps that's an understatement!

I have been blessed with a long-time companion - a little furry friend named Tia who has been with me for almost the whole journey. He has been a real blessing to me.  More on that story later!

As I relocated here for an improved quality of life, I am pleased to say that I have benefited from clean air, food and water in generally tranquil surroundings.

I enjoy writing and have been 'at it' for over 20 years.  I also sing with a small group at occasional charitable functions.  Reading, cooking, walking and hiking are also favourite pass-times.

You'll find out more about my life in Dominica if you take a look at my blog:


Hello gwendominica!

Welcome to ;)


I am looking for information on retirement living in Dominica.  Finding it very difficult to find information that is current, and not from 2008.  Can you give me an idea of the cost of rental homes /apt. in Dominica?  How much should one have in income to live comfortably in Dominca?  What are the costs for health care in Dominica?  We are looking to move within 5 yrs. and are wanting to plan several trips before making a final decision.  You are welcome to email me at:   valanne00[at]    Just put in the subject area Dominica so I don't delete the email.

Thanks for your help.  I look forward to hearing from you!


I read your blogs and also read the links you have provided, but could not find enough information as how to qualify financially to obtain the permanent residency in Dominica - Of course, it is not why you wrote them...:)

I am in NB Canada and I do better in a climate like in Dominica, actually just shovelled the snow.

I admire you for moving to such a far away place.  I wanted to relocate to India for many years but have been hesitating to do that now;  Do you care communicating with me, for a while if you like?

Kind regards,


Hello I*m looking for the same thing your looking for. I hope to retire in 3 years and i also wanted info about Dominica, I have been there twicw and i loved it...

Hello, feel free to communicate with me via PM. I moved to Dominica 7 years ago.

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