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Various sectors in Johannesburg require foreign expertise. So you will not have much trouble in finding a job if you are moving there.

Johannesburg is a city of opportunities for expatriates from across the globe. Here are some useful guidelines to help you find a job there.

Johannesburg is one of the most well-known cities in South Africa, and is the largest by number of residents. It is the provincial capital of Gauteng province, although the state also contains Pretoria, generally seen as the national capital. In addition to being the provincial capital, it is also home to the constitutional court, and is home to South Africa's gold and diamond trades, thanks to its proximity to mining areas such as Witwatersrand. It is also a prime location for tourism and culture, with two international airports. Its OR Tambo International airport is the largest in the African continent, and Johannesburg is often seen as a gateway to the rest of South Africa.

Labor market

Expats in Johannesburg who are interested in working in the city have a number of choices, as it is one of South Africa's hubs of financial, industrial and commercial interests, along with its mineral trading. It also has a number of tourist sites which make it an ideal location for those expats looking to work in South Africa's tourism industry. Anyone wanting to work for this industry should seek employment from agencies, or directly from travel companies and tourist destinations. Many tour companies, for example, might be willing to employ foreign nationals from tourist countries of origin.

Perhaps one of the biggest opportunities for expats looking for work in Johannesburg is the financial industry. The city is the financial centre for South Africa, and that means that there are many banks, trading centres and stock companies who would be open to experienced workers from other countries. Financial experts are likely to find sponsors in the industry, and so applying to individual companies can help generate interest. Opportunities become available in the finance industry all the time, so even beginners are likely to be able to find some form of employment in the industry.

Mining, while no longer as essential to the South African economy, is still common in Johannesburg, and most South African mining companies still have their main headquarters in this city. Heavy industry is common, including cement plants, but trading in minerals is probably the closest connection to the city's history as a mining and trading town. Expats looking for work in this area are likely to be able to get employment in this industry, either directly in the mines, or on the trading floor.

Other opportunities

There are also plenty of other job opportunities for those with no interest in the financial or trading districts. Johannesburg has a large 'dry port', and handles about 50% of the cargo that eventually ends up in Cape Town. Unloading and handling these goods requires workers, and many of them are unskilled jobs which need no experience. Foreign workers could find employment here through local agencies, or through connections in their own country. There are also jobs available in transport and retail which will also provide opportunities to those without experience in other industries. Applying for these jobs is often on a day-to-day basis, but it can be found through online sources before arriving in South Africa.

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