Living in Nigeria guide

Find out all you need to know to relocate and live in Nigeria with the expat guide

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General information
  • Nigeria is appealing to expats thanks to its diverse population and growing economy. It also has notable natural resources and a warm climate.

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Visas, passports and entry requirements


Work visas, work permits, working holiday visas and residence permits
  • Learn how to get a Nigerian residence permit allowing you to stay and work in Nigeria.

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  • All the information you need to obtain a short- or long-term stay visa in Nigeria.

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Labour market, how to find a job
  • Learn more about the growth sectors, labour conditions and job opportunities in Nigeria.

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How to rent a house or an apartment, leases and rental agreements
  • Get to know the Nigerian housing market: types of housing units, best living areas, and costs of accommodation in Nigeria.

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Student visa, University registration
  • Learn about the education opportunities available in Nigeria, and how to best enjoy your study period in the country.

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Health care

Public and private health systems
  • Information about the availability and quality of healthcare facilities, pharmaceuticals and health insurance in Nigeria.

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Open and manage a bank account
  • The gist of the financial and banking system of Nigeria along with practical tips about money management and payments in the country.

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Tax system, income tax
  • The tax system in Nigeria includes personal income tax and company income tax. Residents and expats with a residence permit are liable to pay tax.

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Train, bus, plane, car rental
  • Learn about the various transport infrastructure and services available in Nigeria.

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Driver's licence

Driving requirements
  • Information about Nigerian drivers licenses, driving conditions and the different options to get a car in Nigeria.

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moving, formalities and useful tips
  • An overview of the import and shipping conditions dictated by Nigerian authorities, for expats who want to move their belongings or pets to Nigeria.

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Phone line, internet provider, post office
  • Useful tips about mobile and fixed phone and Internet services in Nigeria, including service providers and how to get connected.

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Sports, leisure and cultural activities
  • Sports, culture and arts, music, gastronomy, sightseeing: a few recommendations for your downtime in Nigeria.

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