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  • Eat All Over the World
    Eat All Over the World July 2016

    I am a small town girl from Arkansas/Texas that wants to explore the world one memory at a time. After I got married I was blessed with the initials EAT, so there the idea for my blog. My blog is all about our adventures, packing up, exploring, and learning other cultures.

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  • Man in Mauritius
    Man in Mauritius June 2016

    I am Peter, from Bristol, England. I had an offer to come and work in Mauritius and it seemed an opportunity too good to miss. I packed all my belongings into two suitcases and 10 packing cases, I caught the plane and moved 7,000 miles away.

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  • Sandier Pastures
    Sandier Pastures May 2016

    My name is Grace and I currently live in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. I was born in the Philippines but moved to Japan when I was 19 and lived there for more than 10 years before relocating to Dubai with my family in 2007.

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  • NoLongerNative
    NoLongerNative April 2016

    I was born in Portland, Oregon but spent 2005-2014 in San Diego, California. I moved to Colombia in May of 2014 when my husband received a two year assignment in Bogotá.

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  • Unpacking my bottom drawer in Budapest
    Unpacking my bottom drawer in Budapest March 2016

    Born in Dublin, Ireland, when Tayto crisps were the only crisps worth eating, I've been flitting around the Northern Hemisphere for what seems like a lifetime.

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  • Hello Saigon
    Hello Saigon February 2016

    I am Lyra from the Philippines. We moved to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam in 2009. My husband’s company set up their site in Vietnam and so, we moved.

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  • Life in German.
    Life in German. January 2016

    Hi! My name is Diana, I am from Mexico moved abroad thanks to a scholarship my husband received to study his masters over here. We moved to Germany in 2012.

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  • Expatorama
    Expatorama December 2015

    Hello, Hi, Howzit. I’m Nicola. I’m originally from the UK, but have had the good fortune to live in a few different countries. Currently our family of four is getting cosy in Jozi, the City of Gold.

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  • Everyday Adventures in Asia
    Everyday Adventures in Asia November 2015

    My name is Carissa and I’m originally from the Canadian prairies – Winnipeg to be precise. I first came to India on a study-abroad program in 1990, returned as a student from 1995-96 and then moved back in 2003.

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  • Dear Ms Leigh
    Dear Ms Leigh October 2015

    My name is Rachael - I'm British born and bred but these days I call America home. I grew up in rural Yorkshire, and in 2011 I made the move to The Motor City - Detroit, Michigan after falling in love with an American.

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