Got married !!!

So I got married 3 days ago now I'm waiting on the paper work pick up at the cortorio so what next the PF at my area is book to see in person what do I do now? I have prior legal issue but in my state and local and county police is clean but will they still ask me for fbi report?

I want to get my resident status
08/20/22 Congratulations!   Yes, they will absolutely require the FBI Background Check.   Next step is to go to MigranteWeb on the PF's website, complete your application, and request your interview appointment.
As abthree said they do not accept State or local reports. It has to be the FBI background check.
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What documents do you need for uniao estavle?
What documents do you need for uniao estavle?
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A stable union visa is almost the same document(s) as a family reunion,
The vague juridical nature of the stable union seems to make the visa simply twice as complicated and possibly exponentially longer.   After all the Brazilian authorities, on top of having to decide whether to give you a visa, have to decide if they agree with you whether you are actually in a stable union or not.
A notarized "stable union contract" is for example is helpful, but not enough to prove the existence of the stable union.   A few people I have to talked seemed to think that such a contract is enough. 
I am not a lawyer, but I did discuss the stable union with our cartório and he explained to my wife and I is may be better to be married if I planned to live and work in Brazil due to the stable union visa must be renewed every year for (X) amount of years, whereas a family reunion does not.
Thanks, Texan, been married three times and since found out I have an allergy to the wedding cake, seriously me and my partner are 67 and 65 and we have no intentions of going through another marriage is it also tough on children and grandchildren. We can try the Stable Union and if that fails we will have to split our time between Portugal and Brazil. I won't work as such I am on a pension. my partner has her business in Brazil. Not really bothered about the costs of renewing visas as we have to do the very same in Portugal.

ok for your case.  do you intend to naturalize?  if not then with the estável union you can apply for the 10-year permanent residency card which will allow you to go and come back to Brasil whenever you want