Esd deferral status

My application status update to Deferral since 17 August 2022 untill today.  Is this common for a new applicant?  I contact talentcorp and they said the application have moved to immigration for internal check.  They cannot provide a tentative duration.  Is anyone encounter this issue and how long would it take to get the approval. 

Hey @Kenjiqq, This is Arun, I'm also in a similar situation as you. Would you mind sharing your current status and did you manage to resolve the "Deferral" stage?

Thanks in advance,


My new company applied for "shorten the pass" so that my current company proceeded with physical cancellation.

Application status is changed to Deferral on 24 Aug. Can anyone please provide some insights into what the potential reasons are? Also, how much time it would take to change the status?

It seems like ESD processing is slow.

Thanks in advance!