New member need help

Hi I am Affoue and planning to join my husband in us from Bénin (west Africa) but the process was very long. Now that we thought everything is completed, the Embassy called and get my passport back to me without any stamp or the visa after 6 months of keeping it. They don't give me my documents. Our lawyer in US check my case and was told it's empty. Since months I am so sad. Anyone to help me understand what is wrong with me?
Hi Affoué,

Welcome to Sorry to hear about your situation.

Did the Embassy or your lawyer give you some kind of explanation? Hope you will be able to find some answers and join your husband soon.

Vero team
@Vero thank you for your answer.
Even the lawyer does not have any explanation since in 🇺🇸 When he checked my case there is no justification .  He just told my husband  that they don't give the visa without notifying the reason 🤦🏿‍♀️
So he sent a request to the embassy to know more but it seems it will take time.

There is alot of information missing from your post. First off what type of visa did they apply for? Why would you have had to hand over your passport to the US embassy, and have them keep it for 6 months? That doesn't make sense.

Is your husband a US citizen or is he working in the USA? How did you apply for the visa?
@Randomguy2000 thanks
Okay... My husband is a US citizen since years now and work in general hospital in Tucson.
I cannot tell why the Embassy keeps my passport for months since nobody say a word. I asked the man behind the window he just told me his boss doesn't give any explanation about that.the lawyer told my husband we should be patient, that the Embassy will give the reasons.
I am here to try to understand or to be given advices. Thanks
I really don't know the different type of visa but it is the one to join my husband. The Embassy asked me to bring my passport so I did