Working with dependent visa

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I am going to ask you some questions regarding the work permit procedure in Belgium.

I'll be moving to Belgium with my husband soon and have two questions that I wonder about:
  • He will be my dependent in Belgium and I am wondering if he will have work permit automatically without doing anything.
  • Secondly, now he is working in our home country and his company suggested him to work for them from Belgium as a remote employee. So, I am also wondering if it creates any tax liability (like double tax) for us or his company?
Thanks in advance for your help.
Hi Bernaberkay,

If i'm not wrong, if you are from EU, then your husband might be able to work without permit. From which country are you ?

For taxes, the Tax in Belgium article might provide some insights.

Hopefully members will be able to shed the light on your queries,
Hi bernaberkay,
Your husband will have unlimited work permit, which means unlimited access to job market independent from a specified employer. As he is your dependent, he will have the permit as long as you have a one. Therefore, it might be good idea to consider his own work permit once he gets an offer. This would give you a bit relief in case you loose your job, as family there will be still a job to keep your family's single permit

Tax is a specific subject, better to get a consultation from an expert. In the meanwhile, based on my notes during my relocation, for tax optimisation he will need to be physically in Belgium max 50% of his working days. Also there is a threshold, if your husbands net income is less than 30.610 Eur (amount in 2020) in your home country, he would still be considered dependent from taxation perspective as well.

Good luck with your move!
He cannot get individual work permit once he is In dependent Visa. Of course he can work under dependent category.

He need to apply WP from home country if both want to gave separate WP
Another option is to get a professional card. Typically one can get a long term contract in areas like IT.

In that case, no need to go to home country. One can apply in Belgium. Also one can switch contracts in between.

It's less pain when you apply for PR and/or Belgium nationality as very few documents are required and they don't check 5 continuous years of employment. Of course, one has to regularly extend the professional card before expiry.