I would like to ask if someone from Bosnia must

Must  are  a  Bosnia person, or if someone from another country , has the citizenship  in Bosnia, can have after the citizenship of America .   If he can first have the citizenship   of   Bosnia and then the  citizenship  of   America
No, Bosnia doesn't allow dual citizenship with America.

@SimCityAT   So someone from Bosnia can  not have the citizenship of  America

@SimCityAT  Not  only   the citizenship  of   America   ?
For  a  Bosnian  person ,  to have   only   the American  citizenship  ?
He  can not do  that ?

Yes. Bosnians can get Citizenship in the USA, anyone as long as they have met requirements of immigration law are able to get citizenship in the USA. The USA does not limit anyone who can get citizenship.

The only things that can stop you from getting US citizenship is if you have a criminal record, and this may or may not be excused by the federal government.

Or if you are on a sanctions list of any kind, or any UN list that you are sanctioned.

Or if you are part of any political group that the USA disagrees with.