Getting licensed as a psychologist

Ciao a tutti!

I am a clinical psychologist, licensed in several US states, and considering a move to Bologna. I found a very old (2011 and 2018) forum post on this topic, but would love to connect with anyone with experience in navigating the process. I have emailed the Ministry of Health to try to get information, but have not received a response. Advice on reaching someone there would be gratefully received! Also, I was told by an officer at the US Consulate that there may be an age limit for consideration, but I cannot find any information on that. I hope that is not the case, but would good to know before I spend a lot of effort collecting my bona fides.

Thank you!
I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, and am happy to join this conversation. Moving to Rome as soon as I can figure this all out!
Basically you will need to obtain an equivalent qualification in Italy unless it is a very specific qualification which is part of the waiver scheme .  This will also require a good knowledge of Italian as you have to prove that you are able to practise  your job in Italy.