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 I want to teach English in Korea (at a Hagwon) for a year. Is it possible to go into marketing after teaching English in South Korea? I want to live and stay there afterward. I am currently in my last year of university as a cultural anthropology major and am minoring in TEFL. I am currently learning Korean as well and hope to be TOPIK level 1 before I graduate in July 2023. My biggest concern is how do I go about gaining marketing experience so  I can work in the Korean marketing industry. My university advisor is little to no help outside of picking the required classes to graduate. I think all my research has given me answers for all the wrong things. I know I can't afford to move without a guaranteed job or language proficiency. And I can't work a second job on an E2 visa, does that mean I can't take any classes while there or do unpaid marketing internships? I am so confused.
Hello undecided1994,

Check out the articles in Work in South Korea for a start. I hope you will find some answers there.

Also hope that a member/ expert who is knowledgeable on the subject will be able to help you soon.


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Hi unfortunately you and 10,000 others want the two jobs a year that go to foreigners, and you need to be fluent in Korean! And usually such jobs go to those married to Koreans (as no visa hassles).

You have to face facts as a recent grad you have no skills or experience to offer Korea (or most countries) and 20% grad unemployment in Korea post-pandemic made things worse, TEFL is available as being a native English speaker is a skill you can offer, but this is a dead end job that pays less than factory work (3.5 - 4,5 million won a month with overtime vs 2.1-2.3 million a month with TEFL). TEFL is a great year off travel gig, 2 years ok, after that starts destroying career prospects. There is a reason forums are full of bitter E2s after a decade......

If you want to start a career in marketing you need to start in your home country to build up your skills, although it is one of the worst expat careers traditionally, social media marketing is a possibility now as a digital nomad and more jobs have come up, but usually its being a contractor (that comes with major visa headaches). For someone capable and ambitious the opportunities are there, but if you want a "stable employment career" no way in marketing as an expat without a good start back home. You won't be allowed to do an internship on an E2 and you need to be fluent in Korean, that takes years. Work and study is hard in Korea. Working life is toxic.

You need to have a plan, by all means have a -2 year jolly abroad, Japan and Korea (or Taiwan or Thailand) make a nice 1+1 year mix of experiences. But you won't land a job in marketing - better chance of winning the lottery.

Good luck!

@Nemodot   I 'second' your candid reply to the OP. S/he should establish a reputation/portfolio in his/her home country first; then on those merits make a move to Korea. The job market in Korea is actually not that bad for foreigners. The turnover rates are high, or at least used to be. But hagweon instruction is not a  'foot in the door' to a bigger career, even a career in English education. Hagweon teaching is really trying. One should "be into" teaching children English, or one will get little out of it beyond the salary. Even the finest mind can end up burning out from the hagweon rat-race. Attending a Korean language school in Korea through your university is a great thing to do, though-- as is attending an actual Korean university! Those are proper 'paths to entry' the OP wants. 

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