House prices in Sydney

Hi. We are currently in uk and looking to return to Australia next year.  We have our Australian citizenship having lived near Brisbane in 2008 till 2014.  We want to return now having moved back to uk for elderly family reasons.  

I don't want to go qld again as I prefer the seasons.   I lived in Sydney many years ago in the 90s when prices were cheap. It truly is my favourite city in world.  However whilst perusing real there is very little below 2 million in the suburbs closeish to the ocean.  We are a family of five.  How on earth do people afford to live here.  I don't honestly know if we can afford to return. I know salaries are generally higher in Australia but house prices are crazy.   Being realistic we could prob afford 1.5 million dollars.  

Any advice on where to go.   I don't want go inland as it defeats object of being there for us.  We not young anymore but prob have another ten years of working age.  

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