Writers Needed for Book of Short Stories About Expat Living in Korea

I am collecting original short stories about expat living in Korea for a book to be published.   Compensation:  $100 USD per story. 
Looking for submissions with the following criteria:
- Short stories by expats living in Korea OR former expats who have lived in Korea.
- Short stories or poems by Korean natives about their experiences with foreigners.
- All topics accepted, but no fiction, only truths.  Can be a narrative reflection, or a story about or one event, one topic, etc.  It's your choice what type of story you tell.
- Length: 2,000-7,500 words. 
- Stories with either comic tones or serious tones are welcome...looking for a variety of experiences by people of varying backgrounds.
- Light profanity is ok, but no vulgarity.
- Goals of this project: 
1. To encourage/motivate others considering a move or trip to Korea.
2.  To educate anyone who might be curious about the expat experience in Korea.
3.  To entertain people throughout.

If you are interested, please send an email to [link moderated] letting me know how you found out about the project and a little bit about yourself.  I will send you more info at that time about how to submit a story, etc.

About me:  I am a former expat who lived in Korea from 2009-2010.  I earned my master's degree in secondary English education from Duquesne University and my bachelor's degree in English Writing from the University of Pittsburgh.

Please share this post if you know anyone who might be interested.
Thank you for your interest. 

Bethany Conley

Hello. This project sounds so good! I just send you an email! 🥰

So the stories should show the more positive side of living in Korea, to entice more people to come?  These are to be written in the spirit of promo pieces? You're not looking for candid exposes or scandalous content...

@BB Conley
I live in Daegu part of the year. I'm inyerested in your project, as I love writing.

If you are still looking for writers I would definitely be interest in doing a piece.

[email protected][link moderated] 

I don't use Twitter, so I will provide my email address and name.  I have written 4 books on my experiences in Korea, as I have lived in Korea for 15 years, so I can provide plenty of material for publications.  Some of the stuff are cautionary tales, but most of it is quite funny.  I have a Twitter account, but I really don't use it.  Reach me at (moderated) - Joel
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