US Tax while living and working in the UK

I am trying to figure out the best way forward to get my US tax returns/amnesty sorted out.  There are several tax consultants and online apps.  My tax situation is reasonably simple - 1 employer, no other income, own UK home with UK husband.

Does anyone have experience of doing expat US Tax while living in the UK as a permanent resident/ UK citizen?  Anyone used tax credits?  Anyone seen what happens when you take UK pension 25% tax free lump sum?

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In view of the fact that your US tax return has to go to the IRS and your home state, perhaps contacting a tax advisor in your home state would be the best option; your forum info doesn't tell me what state you originate from stateside, but Google will help you find one.

Hope this helps.

Expat Team

I have lived in California the longest but I would not consider this my home state as I have lived in the UK since 1983 - far longer than anywhere else in my life.  I am a UK citizen and am actually thinking of relinquishing my US citizenship as my family, job and home is in the UK.   

It seems that the USA is one of 2 countries in the world where you can be taxed on worldwide income and are required to do annual tax returns.  So most people in this forum should be caught by this problem.  Even with treaties preventing double taxation the annual tax returns are still required.  UK Pensions complicate matters when you want to start withdrawing and capital gains taxes apply as well when selling a home.

My financial situation is rather simple but I am wondering how to go about getting caught up tax wise (amnesty).  Tax accountants/lawyers are expensive but I have no experience of using online filing options such as Greenbacks or H&R Block and don't know how helpful they will be.  It would be great if anyone using this forum has some experiences to share.


I am in a similar situation to you.  Did you find resolution/good advice?