Tunisian marrying an American

I m from Tunisian, my fiancee is from USA. we're planning to get married in Tunisia next month. He want to take me with him live in the USA after getting married. We would love to know what papers do we need to fill out for me to get visa and how much does it cost ?  i would love to know if there's any people who had been in the same situation like me.
Thank u , i appreciate ur answer


Uscis.giv.gov gives everything in detail from documents to fees. You are looking at 12-18 months processing time.

Inbox me so I direct and guide you properly

philmundey13 wrote:

Inbox me so I direct and guide you properly

I very strongly suggest posters do not make direct contact with unknown people in this way.
Whilst I'm not saying this is the case with this poster, there is bitter experience of people taking up such offers and finding out it's either aggressive sales or scams.

If you can offer advice, this is a mutual help forum, so please post in the open.

Fred unfortunately you are correct. One time poster and asking for personal contact. A forum lives of public exchange.


When it was time for me to renew my Green Card, I used this organisation:  https://citizenpath.com/

Their software is very user-friendly and they have real, live people to answer your questions (allowing for the time-difference) either on the phone or via e-mail.  I wish I'd known about them when I was first applying for my GC - after my marriage.

Best of luck,

Inga Brereton

There is company based out in Las Vegas called Visa Journey. They will prepare your application and make sure everything is correct before an application is sent in to USCIS.  Of course there is fee involved.  I will use them when I will file a Spousal Visa when I take my trip to Morocco.

I agree with you Fred 100%, if you can't offer your help in the forum it defeats the whole purpose of helping our fellow expat colleagues.

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