US Social Security Benefits Letter Signature

I can easily print out my own benefits letter from my online account. I am not in Colombia, It has no signature. No SS branch offices are accepting appointments other than emergency, and my local branch manager will not sign. According to my notary with link DC, they also cannot obtain the Administrator's signature.

So, how did recent M11 visa holders handle this. My understanding is that the apostille is done by the respective Secretary of State, not US State.

Global Apostilles gave me this workaround:
"To Whom It May Concern:

Attached is a statement from the United States Social Security Administration.

By my notarized signature below, I do affirm that this Benefit Verification Letter from the United States Social Security Administration is a true current statement of my monthly earnings from the United States Social Security Administration for the year of <2021>.

Attested and signed

Sign in front of a U.S. notary public or U.S. Consul

And the U.S. Notary Public must properly notarize the document (with the full Notary Acknowledgement which is should stating something like that: "this document was signed before me by_______(your name) on this ____day,2021 in the state of ______, County of_______". If you're not in the U.S., you can type up a statement (The attached report from US SSA accurately states my monthly SS income) yourself and enclose the original SS Letter, then contact the nearest US Consulate or Embassy and make an appointment with a Consul to notarize your signature on that statement."


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