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Dear members,

I have been offered a job for AED 20000. I would like to know if this is a good amount to sustain a family of 4 in Dubai?

Need your expert opinion and recommendations to select a course of action.

Hello Manuel D.P.,

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Quite a few threads around cost of living in Dubai have been started by members in the recent past.

While awaiting replies, you may glean some information by going through them. This may help you in deciding whether the job offer is worthwhile.

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Diksha team

There are literally dozens of posts on this topic in the UAE forum.

Also your question is very generic e.g. is schooling and medical offered by the employer?  what is the type of accommodation you are looking for?   what is your lifestyle like i.e. eating out etc.?   how much do you want to save?

On the face of it, the package is survivable but not luxurious.  You will have to watch your spending.   If you have to make lifestyle compromises, I would suggest to decline the offer.


I think this is the best option for you to settle down your family of 4 in UAE as you have a good amount of income for you so that would be very helpful for you & your family.


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