French resident wanting a citizenship

Hello, I'm a French citizen. I have had a Green card since 2015 and have lived in the US since 2014. I have been married to an American citizen but we are unfortunately divorcing. I've had my green card for 6 years, it will be 7 in January 2022. I want to get my citizenship but I also want to travel to France to spend time with my family. I haven't seen them since 2014.
If I apply for my citizenship before traveling to France, how long after applying will I be asked to go to an appointment (biometric or other appointment)?
Also, how long can I expect the whole process to take between day of online application and day I receive my American passport?

Hi Elodie,

It will depend on the state.  There is a recent thread on this exact topic on the French speaking forum sous le titre “Citizenship”.

Hope this helps is your source for all info including days of uninterrupted residence prior to citizenship. Timelines are on line. Historic ones do not apply u fortunately. Double them.
What has priority - family or US citizenship?
Your US passport has nothing to do with immigration. Google is your friend and USPS.  You need to provide your original Naturalization Certificate.

Hi, my state is New York.

Hi Elodie,

Time-wise, there are two major phases to USA citizenship for a PR who has resided in the USA longer than 5 years - document submission incl. payment, and interview/approval incl. citizenship conferral ceremony.

When planning your trip to France, consider:
once you've received your citizenship certificate, you'll need to apply for a USA passport to leave the USA and go to France because as a USA citizen, you'll be expected to use your USA passport to leave/enter the USA. Of course, in France and anywhere else in the world you can use your French passport - which is good because the French passport is much higher ranked than the USA passport.

Submitting your documentation and payments etc should be a pretty quick process.

If you've been a USA permanent resident (alien resident registration card holder) for over 5 years, documentation should be pretty straight forward although it can take you  time to properly organise all the documents.

After that it's a matter of when they can schedule a citizenship interview -- if they require one, that is.

Make sure you've met all legal commitments as a PR i.e. taxes, address documentation, having a drivers licence, having a valid French passport (as you're a French citizen) etc.

Double check that you haven't breached any visa conditions.

The process is well detailed on on the USCIS website - try this page: … of-5-years


What his an alien registration card ?

It’s the official name for what is commonly known as a green card

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