Work and life in Iceland

Hello! What do you think, is it better to find a local job in Iceland or to work remotely in not-Icelandic company?

depends on a lot of things- what your needs and interests are, how the remote work is structured, and how the tax situation is set up.

If I am a data analyst (IT-sphere), what do you advise?)))

it still depends on your needs and interests:
- do you need a visa?
- is the company registered as operating in Iceland?
- how is your salary paid? What currency, what are the tax rules?
- what is the working language you want to have?
- what are your long term plans for life in Iceland?

fwiw, I'm working remotely for an Icelandic company while located in Norway and it works for me because the company is registered as operational in Norway so I can pay my taxes here. I work in English which is fine for me because I have had plenty of opportunities to learn Norwegian outside my workplace. I also didn't need my job to sponsor a visa.

Thanks for your answer!