What are my options?


I have been in Denmark for the past 2 years as a PhD student. Recently my contract got terminated because I did not pass my qualifying exam. I am able to get a job right now, however the pay is not high enough for the work visa related to the pay scheme.
My question is, once I inform Siri, how long will I realistically have before I'm asked to leave denmark and is it possible for me to be employed full time at a job right now and use that job to extend my visa?

Hi Tasz,

I understand your need to know more about your situation before you contact SIRI, but I doubt that anyone outside SIRI can give you the wanted information. I haven't been able to find something regarding departure notice, neither on SIRI's site nor on other sites.

Others can guess, take, think etc., but the rules say that you have to inform SIRI immediately when it come to changes in your situation.

As you already have a master's degree this should qualify for a pay which meets the requirements in the pay scheme (taken that you have found a job within your field). I am afraid that a job which doesn't meet the pay limit will not make any difference in your situation.

And it is absolutely out of question to amend your the PhD-thesis and try yet another time?

Cheers and best wishes,

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