Family Lawyer in Thonon Les Bains Area.

Hello, My name is Daniela. I am from Argentina. I am not living in France, but my sister has moved there 3 years ago. I do not know how to start , but I will have to. Y sister had a baby in 2019. Social services took him away and put him in an orphan when he was only 15 days born. I wont give details about the whys, i just can tell that the baby was not put away of his mom for violence, but for money issues.Today, more than 2 years later, my sister could not get her son back, yet. We need a family lawyer to help us. Thank you. And I am sorry to share this terrible story. I just dont know what else to do.

call this number she might be able to direct you, her name is Catherine
she is not a lawyer but, she knows france well, and people,
tell her Mr J lindsay ,sent you,,
+33 7 68 67 06 71
she has phone , times so leave a message and or call back, hope she can help you

a good way to start informing you is via this site : you can use google to translate it if you need … e-gratuite

Thank you so much. I will call Catherine.

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