Family Reunion Visa - While applicant's spouse is not in Germany

Dear Expat Community,

Bit of background.

1. I am a EU Blue Card Holder.
2. My spouse got an appointment for the family reunion visa application in coming weeks.
3. I am not in Germany at the moment, but in my home country with my spouse.  I didn't do Abmeldung. However, my name is no longer in the mailbox as I finished my contract with the that apartment. My plan was to find a new place once I am back in Germany (if possible together as a couple)
4. I have an active permanent working contract with a German employer.

Considering this situation I have few questions.

1. Meldebescheinigung - The current document I have is from July 2020. (which is more than 6 months old). Is there a way I can receive an updated version? I heard mail forwarding services (such as DeutschePost nachsendeservice) do not forward letters from authorities? What can I tell the consulate in this case?

2. Additional Documents - Does local ABH contact the spouse in Germany during the application processing? If they try to contact me via post, I will face the same issue as point number 1. What alternatives do I have? Can I reach them via email to provide any necessary missing documents? Usually what do they ask? Would it help if my spouse already submit these extended documents to the embassy during the appointment?

3. Apartment for both As mentioned, I am in the search for a new apartment for both of us. Do we need to finalize this before the visa is stamped? Isn't it enough we can show temporary accommodation (Airbnb) for first couple of months until we find a suitable long-term apartment?

Apologies, it was little long post.
I appreciate input from anyone who has been in a or heard about similar situations

I will try to answer your questions as follows:
1. You are legally required to register where you are living - and de-register when you leave (within a week!). It is your obligation to be reachable and react to incoming letters within two weeks. (Not doing so is a punishable offence.)
You should ask your local registration office (mostly located in the town hall) whether you can de-register by post retroactively. (Email is not possible!)
2. You should contact the embassy to ask which documents they need for a FRV application.
3. As far as I know, a proof of residence is required when applying for the FRV. Booking a temporary residence to allow searching for a permanent place after arrival in Germany is usually sufficient - ask the embassy how long a booking they want to see!

I would wonder if the blue card is still valid if it was tied to a specific limited contract that has been completed? Possibly it can be extended if one gets a new job that fits the requirements, otherwise not. One might for example find a new job and even get a normal work visa but it could fall short of the requirements for a blue card and then one doesn’t not get to continue to have the status.

And if one no longer lives where they are registered then they are no longer in a legal residency situation. You should have de-registered when leaving your former address. And one cannot get a new document about being registered without getting the signature from the landlords of a new place.

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