Question Regarding Exchanging Foreign Driving License


I hope someone could help me with understanding the basis on which a foreign driving license can be exchanged to a Finnish one without having to take the theory and driving tests, specifically when it comes to having lived in Finland permanently for two years or not.

My question is simply this: Does it matter if a foreigner with a type A residence permit (continuous residence permit) has a permanent address in Finland for a period exceeding two years but has also lived outside Finland within that period and as a result the actual overall period for which the foreigner has actually lived in Finland is less than two years?

P.S. Migri has been notified of the temporary move and the temporary address outside Finland as well as the period of temporary stay has been officially recorded in DVV's database, to which Traficom/Ajovarma have access.

According to Ajovarma and judging by the above case description, the foreign license can not be exchanged without taking the tests. I find it difficult to understand, since I still don't know exactly how that “no more than two years of permanent residence” rule works.

I would truly appreciate some sort of clarification with this matter.

Many thanks in advance!