Married with Indonesian especially Indonesian woman

Who is in this group that marry with Indonesian women?? Why?? And for how long you married with Indonesian woman?

do you have a question about paperwork related to this? I'm curious how marriage with an Indonesian woman is relevant to a forum about Norway.

I’m curious too, lol
To me it sounds like he doesn’t get the reason why should anyone marry one.
But I’m sure the personality it’s not related to nationality , so why not and why not for whole life ;)

Hahaha no no imnsorry becoz my indonesian aunt married with Norwegian man
And I just curious about your opinion

Ahaaa! , well I’m single so 😅 I don’t know, but I’ve heard Indonesian women have incredible cooking skills and are family oriented, so it must be nice to have one 😋

Haha lol
Yeah that's true of course

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