Need help to convert this gross salary into net salary (Denmark)


I  have trouble to calculate how much this monthly salary 26 409,17 (dk currency) would be in net.
The only indication I have is that I should exclude the pension funds and subtract taxes (which includes social contributions) from this amount.

More details : (the first line of this chart) : … ipendiater

I would appreciate it, if you could help me, please !

Based on single person, Gladsaxe municipality, no church tax:

Lønindkomst mv.  316.908
Samlet forskudsskat, inkl. AM-bidrag og efter grøn check    103.674,56
Forskudsskat der indeholdes som AM-bidrag hos arbejdsgiver    -25.352,00
Forskudsskat til opkrævning som A-skat og B-skat mv.    78.322,56


Hello Nelli,

Thank you very much for having taken the time to reply to my question.

So if I understand you correctly, the Net Salary for one year would be
316.908 -    78.322,56 = Around 238 000 DKK

Is that correct ?

Thanks !

First, your pay is deducted with 8 % AM contribution, then it is individually taxated.

Your total taxation amount to 103.674,56. Your net pay around 213,000 kroner.


Thank you very much Nellie !

One very last question, if I may ask, please.

I'm not sure to understand what Holiday allowance refers to.
(especially since there are 2 different amounts :

- The amount listed on the first line of the first chart : 41.871,75 per year / 3.489,31 per month

- And the amount listed on the second chart : 16.554per year / 1.379,50 per month

Should it be added to my net salary ?
So that would be my net salary of 238 000 DKK per year   one of these 2 amounts (either 41.871,75 or 16.554) ?

Thanks for your help.

I cannot see the amounts mentioned? … oliday-pay … -allowance

If you have a paid holiday, you'll also be entitled to at least 1 % of your earned pay in the holiday year.



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Hi Nellie,

Thank you very much for these articles.
I better understand now what the holiday allowance is.

My last question was for the tables at this page : … ipendiater

So if I understood correctly what you said, it means that
my net salary without holiday allowance is around 213 000 kroner,

And then, I would also earn 41 871,75 kroner corresponding to holiday allowance, as it says on the table : Feriepenge

But I may have to deduce taxes from that amount , which are 8 % AM contribution,   other taxes.

Is that correct ?

To Mathew King : I may have the opportunity to work in Denmark next year.
My decision is not made yet.

Quote: Some salaried employments get paid holiday instead of holiday allowance.
In your case I take that you'll be entitled to a paid holiday and therefore will get 1 % holiday allowance.

I suggest to you that you ask the university if this is correctly understood and ask for a full estimate of your pay.


Thank you very much Nellie.
I appreciate your help.

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