Extracurricular Internship contract validation

Hi guys, my name is Michele, i'm 25 and i come Florence, Italy. I came to Copenaghen to attend an internship, but my purpose is to find a part-time job as well and keep living here even afterwards.
So i have booked an appointment at Siri,  so then i could do the CPR as well (cause SIRI is mandatory to get an appointment for CPR) , but i don't know if i would have to register as a student who came for an internship or as a worker.
I can't find any informations about Internship not correlated with school programs and i can't find any informations about how to sign an internship contract in the way it could be validated by the state as well.
Could you help me to find out the right path to get to do the danish documentations and registerer my Internship as well? :)

Hi Michele,

Unfortunately, I am not able to advise you within that issue, but I take that https://lifeindenmark.borger.dk/housing … n-service# can help you a bit.

I link to an internship contract used by the University of Aarhus. It may give you an idea of what a contract shall look like.
https://studerende.au.dk/fileadmin/www. … 715_01.pdf

You already have found an internship, or?
https://www.iagora.com/work/en/internsh … rs/denmark



Thank you Nellie, i already found an internship. I just need to use the contract from the internship  to register for SIRI and then finally get my cpr.
By the way if i could find a part-time job, may i could ask the company to give me an Agreement that they're going to hire me when i get my documentation? Would it be valid for register to Siri?

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