New to Barbados

Hi, just arrived on the welcome stamp, looking to meet new people and make some friends.

Hopefully there's a few more people in the same boat :)

Welcome to 🇧🇧 Barbados!  Where are you arriving from?  I arrived here a year ago from the USA. Barbados, It's a lovely place to live.  Stay safe.

Good morning I arrived to Barbados in December and I'm living on the north west part of the island. Saint Peter actually. Close to Gibbs And Mullins beach. As I am new here it's difficult to know what things are like in a normal pre-Covid time but it seems to be a relatively quiet area is certainly now and not particularly close to shopping for example. How has your time Been here in Barbados?

Thanks Dyjah,
I'm from London and still have a few days of quarantine, very much looking forward to exploring the island next week!

Hi Barry, I think I'm on the other side- staying in the Crane in St Phillips, although I haven't been able to venture out yet it seems pretty quiet here too!
It's been a nice change from the UK with the weather, as much as chilling on the balcony is nice - I can't wait to get out.

How's your stay been so far? Any tips for a newbie?

Hi, am a Nigerian I want relocate to barbados. Can you please tell me about barbados ?

Hello everyone, please are any Nigerians currently staying in Barbados? If so, please I would like to know how to get there as I am challenged by countries that requires a transit visa to get across to visa free countries like Barbados for Nigerians.

Kindly help with with what worked for you.

Thank you