Medellín Me Cuida: How Colombia's Silicon Valley Fights a Pandemic

"We cannot fight a worldwide pandemic with 19th century technology," says Mayor Daniel Quintero of Medellín, 39, who was previously the city's technology director.

More than 90 percent of the Aburrá Valley's four million residents have signed up for CoronApp and/or Medellín Me Cuida, two apps used to track, alert and health-qualify subscribers ongoingly.  The details are in an online article in New York Magazine about the city of Medellín's space-age efforts to battle the virus.  CoronApp is a national app.

Data collected by the Medellín app is used to generate heat maps, enabling officials to issue neighborhood limitations and to time quarantines, then alert subscribers to neighborhood-specific realities.

The results from using these apps seemed extremely promising at first, although covid spikes this month (July 2020) in the city and nationally .. have shown that all is not well.

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Medellín Me Cuida translates as Medellín Takes Care of Me.

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