~Interested in knowing new people~

I am ukrainian, but live temporarily abroad. I'd like to know more people who live in Ukraine, both ukrainians and foreigners.
All replies are kindly appreciated.

Hello alinadepp!

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I hope you will make new contacts on the site soon ;)


hi i want to visit kiev in september i think

Hi alinadepp,

Are you living currently in Kiev ? I am here for two months and I am seeking new people to meet to make my internship a better experience than spending most of my time alone. I would be really glad to meet you.



Just landed in Kiev and looking to meet new people here too...

Hi domxch!

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Merci bien Armand :-)

Hello domxch & welcome to Expat.com!:)

Could you use English on this Anglophone forum please.

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Hi Thane, welcome to Ukraine!
I am not in Kiev, I now live in Cairo, Egypt. I will return to my home country in March..
Have a nice time!

hi i want to visit kiev in september i think...:)



Hello from USA!

What are you doing in Egypt?

I've been working here since last Sept. I also study Arabic&English. I've always been interested in an ancient history of Egypt. This was the main reason for me to come and taste another culture.

hola a todos, soy un chico de 19 años de Kiev. Me encanta conocer con la gente, si alguien quiere algo conéctame, puedo ayudar los y conocerme con todos vosotros! Qué estéis bien!

Hi JorgeKiev,

Could you please interact in English in this anglophone forum?

Thank you. :)

Ca va?

Pardon my French, Christine! :-))))

So, is there a bar/restaurant where anglophones periodically (or spontaneously) meet?

Would love to drop by...

Hi Arik,
There is an Irish pub just in front of Golden Gates sub station.
Also Arena, that is on Besarabska sqr,  has a number of cafes, restaurants and pubs filled with expats. Linas is my favorite one.


Hello Saule_87 and welcome to Expat.com.

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