In Beijing for a week then onto Shanghai. Totally new to China.

Hi I am from Portland, OR and I will be arriving in Beijing tomorrow night.  I will be there for a week and then moving onto Shanghai for my study abroad program.  I am a senior at the University of Oregon, majoring in finance.  I am interested in sailing, kiteboarding, skiing, and photography.

I will be staying in the Northwest side of Beijing and I am looking to meet any friendly people in the city in what little time I have.  I don't speak any Chinese :/.  But I am looking to get the best experience I can in Beijing and Shanghai! 

I would love to make a trip to the great wall if anyone is up for a day hike or even a two-day.  I was thinking along the lines of a hike from Xizhazi to Zhengbeilou to Niujiaobian to Mutianyu.  I have been browsing around for the last couple weeks and have jotted down a lot of notes of places I want to see.  But I know nothing would help more than a friend!

I look forward to meeting anyone who wants!


Hello Elliot and welcome to! :)

I hope that you will have a lot of nice contacts.

Good luck,

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