Average Gambian income

Average Gambian income

What does a Gambier earn on average per month, per year. Is there a statutory minimum income for Gambiers?

I did a Google search. Average yearly salary GMD 305,000 net.

Minimum daily salary is $1.25

Thank you.
Is there somebody who knows the Monthly Minimum for Workers in Gambai in Dalasi?


I also did some research on the Internet and I found the following about the average monthly income in The Gambia

Average net salary = € 53.97 per month

I have to admit your details have somewhat confused me

It depends which website you choose to find info. They all take an average over different occupations, some which pay lots and some which do not.  Different sites different averages, so nothing concrete.

Minimum daily wage is GMD50. This is a Govt mandated amount.

Depends on what sort of work they are doing.
We know someone who is a newly qualified chef and she gets 2500 dalasi per month for work 3-4 days a week.
Also know someone who is a hotel pool attendant/lifeguard who gets 2000 dalasi per month and that's for a 6 day week.
Most people work a 6day week and I would say an average is between 80-100 dalasi per day.

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