Moving to Prague was the best decision in my life

Hi Expats,

Bulgarian guy here. Moved to Prague two and some years ago and I've never been so in love with a city before, like I am now!
Prague is really the jewel of Europe, as I've been to a lot of other European capitals and Prague is the most captivating of them all. It has that interesting mix of East and West culture and, coming from a post-soviet country, I do feel right at home here.
Food is great, beer is the best in the world, language is tough to learn, but so rewarding after you manage to see the appreciation people have, when you share a few sentences with them in their own language. (some say it's grammatically tougher than Chinese  :o )

I actually never planned to move here in the first place and I have never been to the Czech Republic before that, although, the job offer I've received back in the day, was too hard to pass lightheartedly. Czechs take some time to open up to foreigners, but if you give them enough time, they can even pick your mail for you, or clear leaves from your car, if they notice it's dirty. (actual stories from neighbours ;)  ) Get on their friendly side and you'll have some real friends in your life, who can help you to "survive" czech bureaucracy, which is hated by everyone!

Some pro tips: don't be ignorant and disrespectful, learn to appreciate czech service and try to be polite always (dobrý den and děkuju helps a lot  :D ), even when the situation doesn't always call for it. You'll see a big difference afterwards.
And yeah, give your seat to the pregnant ladies and the elderly in the bus, tram, metro. Otherwise, you risk the death stare, or some hits on the feet knuckles with a cane.  :lol:

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