Does anyone recommend agencies for renting?

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I read different posting here that not all real estate agencies you can trust.Does anyone recommend agencies for renting? Also is there special place or real estate deal with short term like a month or tow or all of them do both

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It is more a case of not taking too much notice of listing on their websites as most will be rented already.
We have rented 3 different properties here and all have been advertised still throughout our tenancy.
A few also deal in holiday lets as well which is what renting for a month or so would be.
As long as you view the property and area they are in and then agree a contract with the landlord direct, then their is not much to choose between agents as with most their job is done as soon as they have brought tenant and landlord together.

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I am a real estate agent in Malta, I will only talk for myself.
They are good and worths agents everywhere.
For a short let, it is difficult to stay in touch with all the tenant, most of them come on -holiday, training courses or for their study.
However, each contract is signed by the three parties so everyone have all the details of each party. When one of my clients sent me a message or call me I try to do my best to help them, and sometimes I can't  I am not their mother or responsible for everything.
For example this morning it is a public holiday in Malta, I received a message of one of my client, how decided to come with their car, this one was immobilized with a sabot by the local police. What can the landlord or I do? (Nothing)
For the long-let, it is the same, some people keep in touch with their agent to ask information others are free elements.
A good agent is someone how will ask you a lot of question before sending you any properties.
What  kind of question:
Wish area are you looking for?
Where would you work or studying? We know the area well, we can help you maybe another town will give you more for the same price or the access will be easier by public transport.
How many people will live in the apartment?
Are you a smoker?
Short of long let/date arrival and leaving.
Your maximum budget.
What are your habits Exemple (if you don't need a huge super-equipped kitchen because you don't know how to cook what's in it for you?)
It is only after knowing you that the agent should send you properties, then you will probably make a selection for viewing.
Going together for the visite and be helped in the progress of the contract.
It is called: building a trust relationship with your client, and it is the only way to work to avoid any problems later, neither on one side nor the other.
An agent can not take part he is neither on the side of the owner nor on the side of the tenant. He is there to ensure that the laws of the country are respected.
If you don't have the good feeling with your agent look for another one
This goes for all agents in each country.
I wish you all the best in your research in your new home.

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