New Life in France, SOON! Stay Positive.

Hi everyone,
I'm Isaac currently residing and working in Singapore as an architectural designer but I'm originally from the Philippines. This year might be tough as I am about to face new challenges and path in life and yes, it will be in France if things went well. My girlfriend is living in marseille and she just went back to France recently this year and we planned to settle in France.

We are looking for ways for me to stay long term without going out of France as we already plan to get married soon but the difficult part is with the long term visa thing that is not easy to get as it may take 8 months to 1 year even after we get married so I need to exit France if it goes like this.

Our another option that we are looking at is the study option like french language course and obtain a Student Visa but at the moment we checked, the universities already closed for application since some universities will be cheaper in cost. Is there anybody who has idea where I can possibly take the french language course that is not so expensive? Practically speaking, money is always playing a big part. We found 200 euro per week in Aix En Provence and in marseille but still hoping someone can help to find another option.

Or if not even as student as it requires too much money and might create financial problem for us later on, is there any idea if I can find some work related to my field in Design/Construction which involves doing some drawings? A freelancing job or home based work will be better as I am not speaking French at the moment and still starting to learn.

Thank you

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