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My name is Nhadel, currently i am living in belgium. I originally from philippines. I came here in belgium last 2016 with a tourist visa and intentionally i stayed belgium to work. I am working blocked here and i know its illegal but i dont have a choice i need work.

And currently I have a boyfriend now and we are planning to get married, but the problem was i dont have any papers here. Is there any possible things that i dont need to go back to the philippines and just apply a marriage here? I hope someone can help me. I really appreciate it.

Thank you ☺️


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The right to marry is a fundamental right, and the fact that one of the spouses is illegally resident or not registered in a municipal register cannot prevent the celebration of the marriage.

The simple fact of marrying a Belgian or a foreigner legally residing in Belgium does not allow you to automatically obtain papers. After your marriage, you must submit a request for family reunification in relation to your spouse.

This request must be made to the administrative services of the city where you reside. If your file is accepted, you will receive a document "annex 19ter".

For legal advice, please contact an organization such as A.D.D.E. … uridique-2

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