Transfer between terminals on DXB

I have booked a ticket with FLYDUBAI from Romania to Manila. The first flight is from Romania to Dubai Terminal 3, and the second with Cebu Pacific Terminal 1 to Manila. I have bought the 2 flights from kiwi. Com and i have some questions :

- How to find my way from T3 to T1 very quick (bus, metro, etc) is any signs after i entry 'Connections' that notice me i need to bring specific vehicle to T3.??
- Do i need to pay for transportation, since im self-transfering?
- is 1hr 45 min enough time for layover considering i have only cabin lauggage and boarding pass for the second airplain?? … sengers-29

Just follow the connections sign.  It is not just terminal you need to worry about but concourse.

I would assume that if it is Terminal 1 then it is D concourse.  For that, you will need to take a train for transfer - free and from inside the airport itself.  No need to go through immigration.

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