How long to keep a saudi registered car in Dubai?

Hello All,

I have a car in Dubai with KSA number plate and registered in KSA.
It is now almost 6 months and I want to keep the car in Dubai for another 6 months.
Besides that car insurance, which I will have to extend, is there anything I need to be aware off?
For example, is there a time limit to keep a KSA registered car in Dubai?

Thx Joe

Hi! As far as I know, Your car's KSA insurance and UAE insurance cover will be needed. You can take it in your town before starting, or buy it at the border. Your Iqamas and Passports should be valid for at least 3 months (preferably 6 months). Car registration documents to be in order. You would have your Visa approved online. That is all you need.

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