Health Insurance/Residency


I'm citizen of EEA country and my partner is British. We're planning to move to Portugal for a "gap" year experience. We're not planning to work, just experience a bit different more relaxed lifestyle to reset our lives.

A couple of questions. We know that we need to apply for residency after 90 days of stay.

Is applying for residency possible if we do not work? We have our savings and low passive income -  a couple of hundred euro. 

How about health insurance? Are we covered by public health insurance at the moment we secure temporary residency? or we need to buy a rely on a private health insurance.

Residency is definitely possible if you are not working as long as you meet the financial requirements for passive income which is relatively low. I would contact Bruno Afonso for help with the residency requirements and Ged Heaney for insurance. Both can be found on Americans and Friends Facebook page.

Thanks for all help. I think the rules you mentioned are for US citizens. I'm a European Union country passport holder.

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