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Hi all, my wife and I are both British, we have 2 children aged 6+7, and are looking to move permanently to the Philippines, we have had an offer of accommodation already. I am trying to find people who have been in the same situation for advice on what we need to do and how they did it, any problems they encountered whilst moving and since being there on a legal/ paperwork side of life. Any advice is greatly appreciated.
My email address is *** if anyone can help. Many thanks in advance

Pete Bridgeman

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Your biggest problem could be your children's education, assuming they do not speak Ilocano.  Do you intend to home school them?  Good luck.

Don't rent a place prior to coming, you will overpay. Ask around when you get here. You will also see all kinds of places posted for rent. Make some phone calls, look around, you'll find something you like.

Look for a place in a subdivision with security. Some subdivisions make money charging a toll for people to drive through. Avoid those. Also ask people who live in the subdivision about any trouble with water. It seems to be one of the biggest issues of conflict among residents and the HOA officers.

Plan on spending a lot more than you budget the first year. There are things you will need or want that are going to throw the budget right out the window. Once you have your home set up that will level off though.

Look around for an international school for your kids and keep in mind you will be most likely be bringing them to school and home every day, so distance and traffic will be an issue.

Hi Pete, where in the Philippines are you going to live?

FindlayMacD :

Hi Pete, where in the Philippines are you going to live?

His info says Laoag, Ilocos Norte.

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