Looking for feedback on the Aguada area


Hope you are all safe and sound after the recent "shake up" ;)

I am a professional woman in my forties looking to relocate to PR very soon.

I am interested in purchasing a property in Barrio-Guaniquilla, Aguada. I am planning a visit to the area in the next two weeks but I would love some feedback (good/bad/indifferent) on that area. For example, is it very touristy/or not, access to shopping (grocery/hardware, etc), safety, population of expats, etc

I look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you.

Hi K,

I only passed through Aguada, but took a fairly close look as I was interested in it for it's low property prices and proximity to Rincon where property seems to be much higher. My limited take on it was that it was not touristy and not nearly as quaint as Rincon. However, the downtown area was bustling during the day. There seemed to be quite a bit of commerce and traffic so I assume there was plenty of access to shopping. Good luck!

Aguada and Aguadilla are very popular with Expats that can not afford living in Rincon. We call Rincon “Gringoland” due to the number of foreigners living there and the fact that the town and restaurants cater to English speakers.

Thank you both for the feedback-so valuable!

My wife and I have lived in Barrio-Guaniquilla, Aguada for about 4 years. It's not very touristy. You pretty much have to drive for shopping (grocery/hardware, etc) but there is a selection of both. Aguada is very safe, but like anywhere else you need to be smart. There is a growing population of expats but it's pretty easy to make friends.

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