New members of the Thailand forum, introduce yourselves here - 2020

Hi all,

Newbie on the Thailand forum? Don't know how to start?

This thread is for you ;)

We invite you to introduce yourself on this topic, to share with us your expat story if you are already living in the country, or to tell us more on your expat projects in Thailand if you are planning to move there.

It will enable us to help you better but above all to wish you a warm welcome.

Welcome on board!

Hi every one :-)

My name is Roald Asmussen. 53 years old. I live in Denmark.
has been a widower for 7 years. I've been a tattoo artist most of my life. but have lived by drawing and airbrush paint cars motorcycles computers and much else for the last 10 years.
but got my pension last year. have dreamed of living the rest of my life in thailand when you are not addicted to having to work. and the time is now to travel to Thailand and enjoy life. and I plan to travel in late May or early June 2020. My wish is to find a place to live in Pattaya preferably on the outskirts of Pattaya. a place with little garden, and nature close to me.
I ride a motorcycle and love to get around and experience life all around.
it was then a brief description of me.
I look forward to getting to know new people both here and when I have come to Thailand

Roald A

hi all my name is Ross
I moved to Thailand in 2018 and living in Hua Hin Thap Tai
I was working for Australian Government in Human Services Department and before That I worked as a community health worker for Indigenous Health Services
I'm currently looking for some part time work not fussed what anything really


Hi im Derrick. I have a 13 Rai Teak Farm for sale in Phetchbun Thailand.  3500 trees that are 11 years old. Great opportunity for buyer to make money. Trees will be ready to cut and sell in about 5 years. Asking 6 million baht

Hi all,
Don't know what you guys would regard me as an expat?
I'm a Thai native speaker. I left Thailand almost two decades ago, visited once briefly in Easter 2005.
I've lived, studied, worked in Britain and raised my three boys there too.
I work for a British company specialises in space components assurance.
There's nothing like this in Thailand or its neibouring countries. In Asia I do have contacts with Japan, Korea, and China through work.
I also have some knowledge in exporting from  UK/EU, and US ECCN/EAR and ITAR export compliance.
I graduated from a Thai university with BA English.
I also hold an Integrated Master's Degree in Electronics Engineering from a good university in Britain.

I had a chance to visit Thailand again last July 2019.
I'm currently on maternity leave but still working remotely.
I'm thinking of staying here long term, and will need a job.
I'm an efficient and resourceful person. I'm pretty good at interpretating Thai regulations and can help with all kinds of visa and admin questions and explain them in terms non-Thais will understand. I can also do that with driver training, as I have both UK and Thai licences

My ideal job would be home based jobs for the time being, occasional travelling may be considered.
Apart from that, let me know if I can be of any help to you guys.


Hello everyone, and welcome to Expat.Com  :)

Thank you all for your introduction. Should you want to interact with members or post your queries, feel free to do so on the Thailand forum by opening your own thread :

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All the very best

Hi everyone!

I am a trilingual speaker in Thai, English and Mandarin and also a marketing graduate from Singapore Management University. I did my international exchange at Mahidol University and numerous internships at various Thai companies. Currently seeking a full-time job opportunity in Marketing/Advertising/Business Development in Thailand, I hope to be able to gain some connections on exploring a job opportunity.

Hello fellow expats!

I'm from Singapore, happily married with kids and currently residing in Bangkok. Have been shuttling between Singapore and Bangkok for the past 14 years. Had some experience working here years ago during a 2 year stint in embassy. I'm currently based in bangkok, working for a local bank as a consultant. I speak English, Mandarin and Thai. Will be looking forward to meeting more friends here!

hi and welcome

hi and welcome hope enjoying you stay if hear any work le=t me know looking office phone data etry was forking in Government in Australia

Hello All.

We spent 15 days in Thailand and fell in love with it.  We live in Canada and would like to spend half the year (you guessed which half) in Thailand and possibly eventually call it our permanent home.
We like the gulf side.  We aren't looking to live in a 'party town' but we adore the pristine beaches.  We really need suggestions on location.

Rossco141061 wrote:

hi all my name is Ross
I moved to Thailand in 2018 and living in Hua Hin Thap Tai
I was working for Australian Government in Human Services Department and before That I worked as a community health worker for Indigenous Health Services
I'm currently looking for some part time work not fussed what anything really


you can contact me for part time work.

Hello am living in thailand looking for dome solution to my life

Hi guys, I'm Matt, a french expat living in Bangkok since 2016.

I use to run a company that organized Bachelor Parties in Thailand until January.

Now I'm an online marketing and SEO Consultant and will finally take some time to learn to speak and read Thai and travel in the country.

Can't wait.


Hi everybody,
I have lived in Thailand for almost 3 years now; planning to move to Vietnam later this year.  I make my living as an entrepreneur, having products manufactured in SE Asia and selling them online as an FBA merchant.

I live in Chiang Mai part of the year, and in Pratumnak (outside of Pattaya in the Chon Buri Province) the other part of the year, with frequent international business travel.

Pretty knowledgeable about life in the Kingdom for an expat, and happy to answer questions if I can about life in Chiang Mai / Chon Buri provinces, dealing with Immigration (long stay visas), and other topics.  Feel free to contact me by DM.

Hi all,

I'm a Singaporean currently staying in Thailand since 2013.

Came here to work as an expat in Pak Chong but the company shut operations late Jan this year. Currently still in Thailand working on another job which i'll be travelling in and out of Thailand (save me on the time for work permit).


Hi, I am JK. I was born in Thailand and raised in Thailand except 4-year-visiting the USA for studying and working and traveling among APJ countries. Once I settled life in Bangkok, I worked for a MNC at Bangkok office, but now I work in a Thailand's government agency and do part time real estate agent. I am here to looking for connection, and answer questions about my home country if I can.

Welcome All to Thailand.

Hi everyone!

My name is Koe. I moved to Chiang Mai, Thailand from Yangon, Myanmar.
I'm working at the Christian Conference of Asia as a communication coordinator since 2017.
My professional is photography, video editing, layout & graphic design and handling the online social media.
I decided to live in Thailand because I believe that I have a good chance to do my work.
I think my English will be fluently. If my sentence was wrong, please try to be understand to read it.
Thanks and Nice to see you all.

Best regards,

Hi Everyone,

I hope everyone fine and doing well.

I'm a Indian currently staying in Bangkok since 1 year already. I am working here as a Software Programmer.

Be-safe and stay-safe.


Hello everyone,

Welcome to :)

Thanks for these nice introductions :)

I would encourage you to participate on the Thailand forum if you are seeking any kind of information related to your life as an expat or future expat.

You are also most welcome to interact and share your experiences with our community of members on the forum :)

All the best,


Hi, I am Wil and live in CM since February 2019. Play pickle ball, do hiking, am a guitar player (blues my favorite), sometimes play at Boy Blues Bar at Malate Nightbazaar. I speak some Thai, love cooking. I live in Nong Chom, about 10 km north of CM.
If people are interested in learning to play guitar, let me know. My specialty Blues, chords, riffs, soloing.

Dear Friends.

any advice regarding starting business in Thailand.
I'm searching for someone who can help me setting up business there. ( lawyer or ... ).

Thanks a lot.

And if there are any Lebanese meanwhile there .

My name is Kate or Kathrin. Age 30 yrs.

I just joined in this Group here and Living in Pattaya. I am Looking for any new friends both Live in Thailand and another counties.Its could be great if there was some living In Pattaya ! Then we might start some community together.

I am working as Personal Assistant or Manager Assistant. Due to Covid 19 situation. I must stop work for a while and change to do Business consult as Freelancer. If you are interested in starting Business in Pattaya ,Phuket and Samui. I can assist you  :) I speak Thai ,English ,Japanese and some German.

Just grab me ,See ya

what can I assist you some ?

Bill and Sunny:

Working from Bangkok

Got back from Bangkok and Pattaya about nine months ago.  Love it.  Think I'd like to live there in about 10 years.  But I'd like to feel more confident about it.  I'm looking to go back there for a month.  Anyone know of an English speaking person who could rent me a place for 30 days?

Wadee from Samui,

Steven A. Gebhardt and ‘Som’ Pad Suebthep welcome you at Big Trees Village, where we’re bringing environmental awareness to every aspect of the way we do business, taking steps to minimize our footprint on the earth. It may be conserving energy, water or waste. We both developed a deep love for nature, in the surrounding valley of Big Trees Village.

Living up to our name, our daily meditation is:

Trees and all other plants are beautiful friends and companions. We take pleasure in you, your lofty majesties by the mountain. Thank you for gracing our life. We sense that trees have feelings. Trees are such wonderful creations. Listen and share with them- ask permission to uproot them. We have this intense love of trees, and we often think about what they teach, what intricate patterns woven into eternity, always available yet never seen are awaiting our discovery, know our healing. In addition, the leaf is infinite- born and reborn, never quite the same tracing patterns in your leafy universe.

We think about tall trees – your existence has always captured us, your strength and beauty teach us. Your resilience to storms that buffet you and your grace to sun and warmth is part of your teaching. Thinking of how your openness invites the birds that you shelter – trees you are part of the unconditional giving of the universe, your love so evident. Our heart’s desire is that we will stop destroying our earth, this place where we live.

Thank you,..for your thoughts.

Mahalo for reading it. Be well. Hope to meet you in person one day...
Aloha from Koh Samui,
Steven & Som


My name is John and I was just in the middle of moving to Chiang Mai from Canada when the virus hit. Currently I am stranded in Canada counting the days go by waiting for Thailand to open. To tell you the truth I am starting to question my plans of moving to Thailand as I am unsure of the lasting effects of Covid-19 and how different the country's economy will be when this is over. I hope things will go well for the Thai economy once tourism has returned. If anyone has any comments about how the virus has effected the cost of living or the acceptance of foreigners I would love to here about it.


Hello my name is Mahlet im from Ethiopia currently living ,in dubia . I was in the process of getting a job in Bangalore because of covid. I was very excited about moving to thailand , it still is a place I want to move to .  I hope things get better soon in thailand and every where .I wantes to ask if anyone knows how things are in thailand now .

unbelievable, no one wants to get the trip to the amazing islands. probably to stay in room or in the bar will be much more interest


My name is Tanya and I am looking at moving to Thailand. I visited a few times with my partner Tony and we absolutely loved it and started looking at the possibility of living in Ao Nang when we retire, doing some volunteering etc.

Unfortunately my partner passed away in August last year so after carefully thinking I decided I really want to move and work in Thailand. But I need to find the job and I am not sure where to start so I would appreciate advise and help.
I work in Supply Chain, to be more precise in the field of Inventory Management, Purchasing and Logistics. I used to work in publishing for many years and currently I work in food wholesale. I would like to live and work in Bangkok or Krabi as I still plan to retire to Ao Nang.

It is one thing reading about the move, what to do and what not but it is much more helpful to have a chat and advise. I need to find out about all the aspects of the move, how to find the job, where to live and how to find the property to rent. What to do with Health insurance, how to find out what is a good salary and how to negotiate the contract ......

Lots of questions and a big decision but I know it will be worthed.

Hope to hear from you soon,

Hello everyone, I am excited to be a part of this community.

I am a 33 years old guy from Turkey. I have a BSc in Software Engineering and I have been working as a web developer for the past 2  years and a half.

My  mother tongue is Turkish, but I can speak English fluently, too. I am willing to learn Thai and I have been practicing on my own.

I have never been an expat yet, but I am interested in Thai culture and in Thailand itself so I am strongly considering working there. Since I have no prior experience, I kindly ask for advice from the other members of the community.

Thanks for reading my introduction and have a good day/evening/night wherever you are!

Welcome Aytug,

I joined recently and nobody responded to my introduction. I also posted a question and contacted a few people but no reply so I am not sure if this website/forum is live any more. I can see some posts are new but many are old.

Hopefully it will change once Covid situation settles down.

I visited Thailand a few times, it is special and Thai people are kind, lovely, gentle people. Hopefully it will be possible for foreigners to work in Thailand when it opens it’s borders again. I planned to move to Bangkok, work there and than retire in Thailand.

Good luck!

Hello Tanya, thank you for the welcome. I have also noticed that most job ads are more on the older side. I don't want to decide just yet, but it seems like the site is rather dead. I hope it revives when the Covid-19 gets under control, whenever that might be.

Hi Aytug,

Fingers crossed. I can only say, keep trying, I definitelly am. Check for jobs on LinkedIn and Glassdoor websites. There is also Thai jobs classified website but I forgot the name as I stumbled across it while browsing Thai goverment immigration website.

Good luck!

hi, not sure how to post a question on here?

hello everyone, im looking to move to chiang mai, asap, i was curious as to which visa i would need, i dont fit the requirements for the retirement visa, i am confident i will find work on arrival as im very sociable. however i would just like to know all requirements for entering the country as some details online can be conflicting. all and any help will be much appreciated. thanks in advance. :)

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